I have always wanted one, and they're actually pretty cheap for what type of guitars they are, i mean u can get a custom one for about $1000, and les pauls are $2000, but i was wondering about how good they actually are. Are there only certain guitar that are good. I really want one, and i plan on getting one in the future.
I've played a couple Carvin guitars. I really liked them. Good quality guitars and yeah, they're a great price.

Not only that, but they're usually beautiful as far as looks go.

I played one in a Line 6 and it even sounded great, so you should be good there.
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Carvins sell direct to buyer
so yes
the quality of that 1000 dollar carvin is equal, if not better than the gibson 2000 dollar.
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They're completely worth it, fantastic guitars all around. My next electric guitar will be a Carvin 7 string.
Top-Quality stuff.

My personal favourite brand of anything guitar related.
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I own a Carvin 7 string and its a beast, i would definately recommend buying from carvin, well worth the money.
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Great guitars, I'm playing a DC 127 as we are typing this. They can be had very cheaply second hand.
thanks guys/girls!, i think im gonna save up for a carvin for my next guitar.
any thoughts on hic one would be good for me? i play mosly guns n roses, metallica(although not with the band), van halen, and hendrix.
i have no idea on what model i should get, so any help is much appreciated
Kinda, not helpful but this guy, bulb, has a carvin, I think a 7 string, and he likes it a lot... hah sorry i never played one, but anything this guy bulb has, i know is good. he can afford anything and he obviously picked that with a engl fireball :P
Carvins are custom made, go online and make it just the way you want it.

Also, I hope to have one by the end of the year, they are delicious.
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I play a Carvin CT3C(didn't want the quilt) and it's awesome.
However I do sometimes wish that it had just a bit lower action.
But it's a great looking, and great sounding guitar. I have never regretted buying it!
The good ones are great.
The bad ones are crap.

If you get one, fork out the extra cash for a high-end one. It's worth it.
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