ok heres my question.

whats the best way to record drums when u just only wrote lyrics and no music.

is it smarter to record acoustic guitar and vocals for a rough draft then record drums and then bass, guitar, and others.

or what u guys think.

cause here is my steps


please help.
I always tend to do drums, rythm guitar, bass, lead guitar.... however there's no set rules in what should be recorded first.

It does help to record every step to a click track though so you are on time with each part and steady throughout the song.

There have definitely been times when I have picked up the guitar and recorded some ideas that I really liked and so I saved them. Eventually I add some drums and other instruments and they come out to be some nice songs.

Record the lyrics, play them back, and try to record a bass or drum line for them...see what seems to fit, it doesn't have to be perfect the first time, you can always change each part around later in the mix.
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The way I've always done it is to write the song (lyrics and music - at least enough to know the order of the parts (verse, bridge, chorus, etc) and how long each part is (number of bars)) and then start recording.

My typical recording routine involves playing the song on guitar (possibly with the bass player and other guitarists) and have the drummer record his drum part whilst listening on headphones to what we're playing. Then we usually put the rest of the tracks on one by one. From here the order really depends on the song, but usually we do rhythm guitars, bass, keys, lead guitars, vocals.