Know the Yamaha FG720S OBB? Well I special ordered it from L & M a few days ago they said they sell for $330... I called today at WALTER'S MUSIC CENTRE and they said they could sell me the SAME guitar for $320... but I was wondering... if the guitar is ****ED here are the store policies...

L & M: 30 day full REFUND or exchange. ($330) - 2-4 weeks.
Walter's: 14 day EXCHANGE or STORE CRED. only. ($320) - in stock.
Strings Attached Music Shop - 10 day EXCHANGE only willing to sell $315 - in stock.

Should I just buy from Walter's or Strings Attached? Or wait for L & M? I heard this guitar is good, fits a bit (over) my budget, and looks good as well? Any opinions? Also would I need a setup for this guitar? This will be the first guitar I buy... I am pure beginner.

OK... WHICH DAM STORE SHOULD I BUY FROM? I also need to buy hard case, tuner, maybe a capo, extra strings.
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