I was wondering if anybody knew of any drills or something to practice singing and playing at the same time because I find it extremely hard to even do simple songs.

I play guitar very well (3 years).

I can't sing but thats not they point because I do know the lyrics.

so its not a problem with lacking skills.

the problem is that I absolutely can not keep the strumming rhythm right while singing i tend to strum along with the length of the notes in the vocal line, rather than keep a seperate rhythm.

any advice folks?

hey man
had that problem for years.

just keep practicing...not really any drills i can think of, just keep trying. keep playin the rhythm over and over and over and over to the point you dont have to think about it...after that it just comes naturally and you can sing over top.
have someone move your hand for you to break you out of the habit
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Find a song, or arrange one, where the singer sings to the same pattern or rhythm as the guitar plays. Like, "Wet Sand" by RHCP, if you do the chords to that, and strum it to the same rhythm as Kiedis is singing it, it sounds good. Sing so that the pattern and rhythm line up. Then, make another song, where the pattern is similar, like basically the same but, I don't know, maybe one of the beats is sustained, and sing over that. Work gradually until it just becomes something you do.

But to be honest, just try it until you get it right.

The way I was able to get it was looking at a chord chart that had lyrics underneath, and I didn't think about singing the lyrics really, but I had heard the song so much that I just read the lyrics straight off while trying to get the chords right and I ended up doing the melody and rhythms right. so try reading the words without trying to sing them, or really thinking about reading them at all, that should be pretty easy unless English isn't your first language.
wail it til you nail it. some people can do it and some can't.-
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just practice

practice till you can go like james hetfield or alexi laho
thats the problem everyone has. This is why I have so much respect for good drummers.

It really does all come down to practice.
1st off, dumb down your guitar parts a little bit. Then just play through it non-stop so it becomes completely casual. You should be able to carry a conversation without missing a beat while playing. One thing I do is play through a song while blasting a different song on the stereo. Then start to sing along with it. Itll still take practice even then.
Eventually you develop the rythymic portion of your brain and itll become easier to pick up off beats like that. And viola! youre one step closer to being black!
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