I want to play blues or rock on a mandolin, so I am going to buy one very soon. Could you mandolin players leave some links of good mandolins? I dont want to spend more than $200 but I want something decent and I want to play blues or rock. Or just any other instruments you guys think are awesome, that I could jam some blues and rock on. Im thinkin the mandolin because its small and i could take it places. I already play guitar and harmonica.
If you want to jam in/around Mooresville NC message me.
mandolin is harder to play, specially with half-bars, the strings are really close together.

on the instrument front, i cant reccomend anything, but just make sure its an electro-acoustic one
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i hear a guitar is great for blues rock jamming
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I know a great online place for folk instruments.


I buy all my mandolin, banjo and other folkie stuff from there. They have a US site now, find it at the top corner.

Hope I helped!
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