Hey all.

I just installed a new D206 in my strat style guitar in the bridge position. I heard it had great metal tone. You know, pure heavyness. Its the same pickup used by John Petrucci in his signature model ernie ball. Anyway, I plugged it in and turned it up and it sounds completely different. Like a single coil pickup. Weird. Can anyone please help me out? Thanks.

Which guitar/amp do you have?
If they're some cheap little box/strat copy, then...thats the difference between a 100 $ guitar and a ****in Music Man which is about 2500 $ , and between your amp and his Mesa Boogie Lonestar/Dual Rectifier :O
I thought about buying it for my JEM, but I wanted some feedback from someone else
What amp are you using and did you wire it properly?
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^+1. what amp are you using? have you checked if the wiring is correct?
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I did wire it out of phase. I took a look at my holdsworth and turns out I wired it wrong. My bad. When I got it working properly, It was very outstanding. Its a really good drive humbucker but with alot of tone as well. You know how alot of pickups have to too much gain and no tone, this is not the case. It cuts really well on leads with a nice creamy tone ala schenker. The clean channel was very nice as well. Just roll back on your tone knob and your good to go. Thanks for the responses.