So I got a chain letter that has been spreading around my school like aids in a ***** house and I got it today unfortunately. Chains usually don't creep me out to much but this one did....I will try to duplicate it as much as I can.

hello my name is emily. i was raped and tortured by my father most of my life. one day he came home pissed off because he lost his job. we got into an arguement and he stabbed me in the neck. then he threw me in a well in our backyard and drowned me to death. i came back to haunt him but i couldnt find him. i know hes somewhere out there still alive. i hope your able to help me in finding him. ill be at the edge of your bed tonight if you dont send this to 10 people. this is no joke i paid a visit to some kid who thought this was dumb. his parents woke up to see blood and water spilling from their bathtub. there they found him drowned with his neck slit open. they went over to his phone that was floating in the water with my picture there. dont forget to send this or ill look forward to seeing you. Dont Send it back to the same person.
this is not funny ethier sorry but i have to send it

So I was wondering if anyone has any backround on this?
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I agree with This End Up

You're scared of that? It's just like every other "send this to blah blah blah people or I will haunt you" chain letter
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I have background for you:

It's bullshit.

Quoted for truth.
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I don't think that's very frightening.

It's just some stupid shit. Here's a clue...

Ghosts don't use the fucking internet!
your an idiot, these things are a waste of time and utter bullshit
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Awww, thanks Frenchy

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It happened to me.

The internet is serious business.

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wow i've never heard anything liek that before
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On a serious note, that's got to be one of the more retarded chain mails I've ever read in my life. I don't even know where to begin with listing the utter bullshittery.

God these kinds of things piss me right off.



Who starts these kind of sick letters?
They must be wrong in the head to find it funny, but I do laugh at the people who get scared of them.
They never end happily either, they just want to die...

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so i ws fingerin mah girl last night an my phone rang and i answered it and it said 'WAT R U DOIN WIT MY DAUGHTER' then I told her and she said 'my dad is ded' THEN WHO WAS PHONE?
Some people. EDIT: ^^haha
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I remember that

Sadly, I was the threatened.
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neck slith .. thats a quick and easy death death


i was killed by her thats why i haunt the pit!!!! AHHHH
and all i ever wanted was the holy tits...
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Quoted for truth.

Quite f u cking true
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guy kills his daughter, throws her in a well, and then she goes around killing people for no reason?

it was stupid in The Ring, and it's stupid in a dumbass chain letter.
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