Hey, ok so at school we have a house rock band compitition linked in with our hosue music compo, and we been trying to find a song ( dont rip the house thing, we know its sad)

We have the following line up:
Lead guitar
rythm guitar
male vocals
Female vocal

I say now that the female is needed for rules reasons lol

and We just need to know the best classic rock covers we could do which we could learn and be really tight with in about 2-3 hours rehersal , we not bad musicains, but the singers cant growl at all, so not even foo fighters suggestions please

bare in mind, the sound sytem will be shit and its not our amps, so we will need to keep it low on the effects, so no crazy effects song

cheers any help lads and gals! thanks
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It uses very little effects.


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I say now that the female is needed for rules reasons lols
Are you kidding? If I could find a cute girl who didnt mind hanging out with a bunch of smelly, greasy musicians I would definantly have a female singer. Girls>guys. Better intonation, usually a better range, nicer voice.

Anyway, so what sort of music do you guys like? Maybe give us a little bit more direction?
erm we like most things,. but its for a school thing, so yeh it needs to be quite mainstream
no metal, no heavy stuff please and yes ratm is heavy!