So, I've just gotten back from practice, where I just wasn't feeling it at all.

It was our first practice for about a month, and i was pretty stoked, but when it came to it, I just couldn't get into it at all.

Any ideas on how to get the passion for it back?

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its just an off day. those kinda things happen all the time.
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try news songs
try something new with the instruments
have different ppl singing
mix it up a bit,dude
dont want it to get stale,ya know?
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add that:
Make songs above your abillity, force yourself to learn it and by doing that you'll become a better musician and probably have more fun.
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That's all I heard in that entire interview.

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If you have more regular practises it becomes more fun

Or in my bands case the more often we play together the more stable we are as people towards each other. The problem with us is that things tend to get a bit tense when we are trying to organsise a practise after a while of not having one things go a bit pear-shaped