Hey, I'm the guitarist in my band, and I was just pondering what kind of distortion pedal to get when playing Punk Rock and Alternative music (ie. Billy Talent, Nirvana, Weezer). My amp (Line 6 Spider Jam) has a lot of preset styles and effects, but I can't switch into effects in the middle of songs. What kind of pedal(s) should I get?

I was considering the Line 6 XT Live Multi-Effects pedal, but it's pricecy. On the other hand, I could get single effects pedals for cheaper, probably some pedals by Digitech.

What do you think?
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new amp.


Yes you are.

TS, modelling effects + modelling amp = fail.
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Yes you are.

TS, modelling effects + modelling amp = fail.

Thought so! :p

Any pedal you can get will sound like crap, or not any better. And i say that, b/c i used to have a Spider III and when i hooked up my BM, i sounded EXACTLY like the insane channel... basically pointless.

so, definately new amp.

Just a small box with some switches that allow you to change channels and such. Pretty simple things. I don't know if there are ones for Spiders or how they work with them but you may want to investigate
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You gotta buy the overpriced line 6 pedal if you want to change settings. I was looking at the one at my local store one day and thought its strange the amp is the same price as the footswitch. Makes you wonder what kind of profit margin they get on the spider amps.