Alright, since I don't wanna blow my whole pay check right away, I was wondering is the Dan Electro FAB Chorus atleast decent enough to **** around with till December? (i can get it for 15$, will eventually get a Small Clone / PolyChorus)
I kinda like my Dan Electro FAB Flanger...good enough for now, but I wanna upgrade to the purple boss one (bf-3?) or the polyflange (if I can find a used one) eventually.

so yea, basically...for 15$ is it decent enough to possibly gig with till I get a small clone?

edit : oh shit meant to post this in GG&A
i have the FAB chorus myself. i suggest having an adaptor of some sort because when i actually did use it, i used a battery which would run out pretty quick. its not too durable, but itll last as long as you dont drop it or throw it around. the sounds okay, not super awesome, but just okay.