Very good condition Original whammy, you probably already know how much these things are worth and that they will continue to increase in value, and that they also have the best sound. Will ship to anywhere as long as you pay for shipping. Do I hear 300 GBP?
^Because yours isnt an original, its a re-issue , like mine. The originals are better and rarer
I am looking for a good tube amp so I would consider a trade, also with some other pedals thrown in and possibly a small amount of cash, if it is worth it of course. I have an an electro harmonix small stone, Z-vex vexter fuzz factory, and a dunlop cry baby to offer, I live in the north west of england (Cheshire).
Possibly, I'm looking for a tube amp, would be willing to throw in something else if the amp is worth more than the whammy, although the whammy is worth more than 275 pounds, there is one for sale on ebay.com for 775 dollars excluding shipping costs, so yeah they're worth a lot, and they're even rarer here in the UK.
Ok, this is still going, a deal fell through, he didn't even tell me he didn't want it anymore, which was a nice thing to do....Btw, the British Pound is weaker because of the credit crunch thing (I think), so anyone buying from outside the UK is going to get this cheaper than before, take a look at the US dollar vs the British pound, it's not 2 dollars to every 1 pound anymore.