OK, this is something my friends and I have been planning since early last year.

This summer (since we will all have jobs and cars) we plan to do something amazing. Something that will grant us a large amount of freedom and allow us to spend more time hanging out and having fun without the worry of being caught by our parents or going home smelling like weed.

We want to....

...rent an apartment/trailer!

Think about it, it would be great! We could hang out there on weekends/after school, be free to do what we want, sleep there if necessary, etc. We could split the rent and utility bills, divide up responsibility for keeping it clean, etc.

I think it's a great idea, but there are some holes in this bucket of awesome:

Signing for it. Some of the conspirators are 18, but my question is: How responsible would they be for what goes on inside the apartment/trailer?

Also, how many keys can be made for a rented apartment/trailer? Is there some kind of rule against making copies? (We want all the patrons to have a key.)

Any other comments/ideas appreciated.
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