My Guitar Pro 5 tab of Buried At Sea by Architects (3 guitars, bass, drums) has been rejected. I searched the site and forums to find out why, but all the possible reasons given don't apply to my tab.

I am absolutely sure that it is perfectly well done: I listened to only one guitar track at a time to tab them, I also slowed down the song to half speed in order to get more accurate results. I can say with no shame that this tab is close to perfect, and I'm a perfectionist.

There are two tabs on-line for this song, one is a Guitar Pro file which is, to put it bluntly, absolutely incorrect and doesn't include all instruments. The other one is a Power Tab, I don't use Power Tab so I can't judge the quality of that one.

The only possible explanation I can think of is that I updated the tab pretty often after my first upload, which was a GP4 file. If this caused any trouble or confusion I apologize.

I attached the file in this thread, please have a look at it once again, it cost me several hours of hard work and it'd be a shame for them to be in vain.