I have a USA Fender Strat. I'll change all of my pickups. I am interested in Seymour Duncan's. I play rock n roll, classic rock, sometimes hard rock. I listen to Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Dire Straits, Jimi Hendrix, GnR, and such... and I have a Crate V-18 amp. So which pickup should be suitable for me?
Gotta go, but call Duncan when your done here and talk it thru with them. They're great. You can find their customer service number under Support on web site.

Also, listen to some of the other advice given here as sometimes homemade or smaller companies pups can sound better and save you cash.

I have a duncan TB-11 which which might be bit much for you and I also have a HSS. bye.
TB-11 is good for alder bodied strats. what don't you like about your current tone?
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^Not to mention how good his prices are in the first place.
So yeah, I'd buy a set of hand wound pickups if I would make the effort of replacing the stock pickups in an american made strat.
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