OK im in computer programming and i have to make a program about an animal. The situation is that a frog jumps down a well and for every 2 feet he jumps up the well he slides down 1 foot. YOu have to calculate how many jumps it takes to get out of the well. The user can enter how deep the well is and how high the frog jumps. so far this is wat i got...

Graphics 1024,768,16,2

MaskImage frog,255,255,255
MaskImage well, 255,255,255
font=LoadFont("Times New Roman",50)
SetFont font

DrawImage frog, 900,255
DrawImage well,900,50

Q1=Input("How deep is this well? ")
Q2=Input("how far did the frog jump? ")

Q2=Q2 * .5
Q3=Q2 / Q1
Print Q3
Text 50,500, Q2


any help on how to accomplish this is great.
What language?
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