I am not sure what has happened, but i grew tired of the elixir mediums that my taylor 310ce came strung with, and that i have restrung it with for the past few years.

So i took someones advice and tried out D'addario EXPs. And goodness i love the tone and brightness and resonance they have, but one problem.

It, at least audibly, seems like the guitar's intonation is completely out of whack now.

What sounds in tune while tuning by harmonics will sound horrible when playing a bar chord or full chords. Something in one spot of the neck will sound perfect, and in another area, will sound pitiful.

I changed the strings like i always have, one by one, so i doubt much could have moved on an acoustic guitar during that process.... Could a new brand of strings really have this bad of an effect? The guitar sounded perfect before the strings, i just wanted a different tone etc... What might be causing this otherwise?

Any ideas or questions so i can further clarify or solve this problem would be much appreciated.

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different gauge??
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aside from a solution, has anyone ran into this problem?

One brand of strings, acoustic sounds fine and in tune, but change to another brand and everything is out of whack?