I have to play a song for the band teacher for extra credit on Friday. i can play any song i would like too but it needs to be fairly simple because of the time schedule and can basically be anything.

For example, last year me and a classmate played Boku No Atama by Paul Gilbert, that was a lot of fun cause it was easy, had a pretty cool solo, and sounded good with 2 guitars alone.

I will be playing this song for a nun lol. it doesn't necessarily need to have lyrics, preferrably instrumental. I was thinking some sort of classical music maybe? but idk

any suggestions are welcome, thanks
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to live is to die by metallica
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^+1. That song is just so damn catchy!
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Hmmm, how about something like Trademark or Manhattan or something by EJ? I know it's a little advanced, but I see you playing Paul Gilbert so me thinks you can handle it?

I say Trademark. Does it have to be the entire song?
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If the rock instrumentals are not as much your style, you could try some fingerpicking blues. If you can sing to it then "Never Far Away" by Jack White is EXTREMELY easy, and you could write the lyrics to be more religious, though they are sort of symbolic anyway. Maybe "Tears in Heaven" by Eric Clapton?

You said classical, and both of those are very soft sounding (but not classical, more blues), though both are a little repetitive, since they are based upon one riff that is repeated with only slight variations.

The only real Classical song that I can play is Bouree in E minor by Bach.
I have seen a good tab for Fur Elise if you want that then just ask, but that is fairly difficult.

You asked for easy, but I don't know what easy is for you.

EDIT: If you have two people doing it at once, like two guitarist, do "Never Far Away" and have one do a mandolin part over it, and sort of solo on top of it for added character, just remember to stay on theme with the solo. Hell, maybe do melody line high up on the second guitar while playing the actual guitar part on the other. Here is a tab for it: http://www.brokenbricks.com/cgi-bin/tab.cgi?/tabs/Cold%20Mountain/Never%20Far%20Away.txt
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I could hand you over the tabs for "Pomp and Circumstance". Haha.

"Little Wing" by Hendrix also is a good one. To note, there are many instrumentals for it, and the best one in my opinion, by SRV although sick is complicated and advanced. I can't really think of any easy instrumentals.

And "simple" classical, I would recommend "Bianco Fiore" and/or "Capriccio" which are kind of short and consists of mainly quarter notes and stuff, so imagine the simplicity. There's also "Malaguena", but it's a bit more tricky.
But referring to ReChord's suggestion for Fur Elise, I don't really think it's that complicated, only the first part is, but the rest is fairly straightforward.

Or just do a Bob Dylan song -- everyone likes it, simple and not so perplexing.
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