Just bought this baby for 450e...

1993 Japan, black with maple fretboard...

It's in GREAT condition, but the fretboard is a bit dirty... The dirt is just little under the surface I think...

So how can I take it off? Polishing with what and how?

Thanks in advance, pictures tomorrow...
Why make a thread promising new guitar pictures to break my heart and tell me they will be posted tomorrow?

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we want pictures now
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Hehehe... Sorry guys, I don't have a camera... I will take it from a friend tomorrow...

Does anybody know anything about cleaning/polishing the frets... ?
Hmm, id be careful polishing frets on a maple board, you could damage the finish.
we need pics. now.
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Hehe... Patience, patience... !!!

@jake911: will be careful mate, but I must do it, cant' stand to see it dirty like this

Tomorrow I am polishing it and putting Dimarzio evo2 (white) and air norton (cream/black) into it... I hope i don't screw up the fretboard...
i bought one exactly like that from ebay, except its a 1991, absoulutely beautiful guitar. i put green evos in it and a green cliplock (it looks sweet). i would leave the dirt personally, i love that worn look but if it bothers you a lot just clean it with polish or even a little water. those fretboards are a lot more resilliant than you would think. just a word of advice though, keep it in its case, the neck on that guitar will warp soooo fast.
Ok dude thanks...

It is indeed a very beautiful guitar and very playable as well...
sweet guitar man!
i had a 1987 550 for a while and it was awesome!
shame i had to give it back

what pickups are in that?
and for maple fretboards, i was advised to stay away from lemon oil and such because it can really damage the fretboard.
I usually just clean mine with a duster and rub it off
it comes off pretty easily
Top lel.
Thanks man...

Dimarzio Evo2 and Air Norton...

I cleaned it with steel wool... The dirt was pretty deep... It's not totally white now, but it is A LOT better...
sweet pickups, id have definetly got dimarzios in the one i had if id been allowed to keep it

i wouldve though steel wool would be risky, but if its worked its fine i guess... lol
totally white fretboards don't last, the dirt comes back within a few days imo!
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Quote by Rax13
Hehe... Patience, patience... !!!

Tomorrow I am polishing it and putting Dimarzio evo2 (white) and air norton (cream/black) into it... I hope i don't screw up the fretboard...

Nice baby you got yourself there. Have fun with it.

With regard to the fretboard, if it's unfinished, then you can use lemon oil on it, works great.
If it's finished, both lemon oil and steel wool will take the finish off (eventually). A lot of people suggest cleaning it with lighter fluid, I prefer a soft cloth with elbow grease - it will polish away any dirt. Oils and other solvents will take away the lacquer finish.

Hope this helps.