well.. I made a working plan for a 3 pickup guitar with 3 on/off switches, and 3 volume 1 tone.

But then i ordered last minute 3 emgs with quick connect cable and I have no idea what quick connect cable is.
Will the emgs have quick connect in addition to regular wires?
will my old pup wiring plan work with the emgs, or do i have to make a new one

just ignore the battery ground with this

and should i ground the signal to bridge, because i hear emgs would electrocute me or something..
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color code and thicker lines please?
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Quick connect is exactly that instead of the wires being soldered to the coils of the pickup there is a connector. Doesnt really chance anything as they still wire the same. You can just pop the pickups out of you want without cutting or desoldering anything. And WTF is up with that diagram.