First of all, do any of you know if the valveking head is worth getting? all the reviews say its good, the combo amp valveking is good, and it is decently priced.
Also, I use a randall RX412 cab. Will the tone change noticeably when i use the valveking w/ the randall head?
I would use the randall cab over the valveking because the valveking speakers are really muddy. The head is good, maybe a overdrive to.

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Depends on what your budget is and what you want to play. Do tell.
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Depends on what your budget is and what you want to play. Do tell.

+1, would be nice to know if you're gigging as well and your location on this planet. Can you go used?
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what is your total budget for said stack in addition to other good questions. Peavey is notorious for keeping prices low with their speakers so anything different will probably better. Build on chassis and the rest is a great value for cash spent. There are a lot of benefits in the circuit design that are not readily apparant at the store.
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