I've recently seenafew electrics that are made completely out of 1 peice of wood. body , neck , headstock. the whole ball of yarn.

It seems appearent the acoustics with solid tops/backs/sides etc. , generally sound better than a guitar made out of plywood.

so , if there were a sculptor that were extremely skilled , could he made an acoustic out of only one peice of wood?

and depending on what kind of wood it was made from , would it sound good?

With the curves I don't think it would be possible, maybe with some notches made so the wood can be bent at a 90* angle and curve at the same time, but maybe with some sort of alternate body shape, something more round it might be possible.

EDIT: Oh wait you are talking about actually sculpting the whole guitar from a huge block of wood? I thought you were talking about a flat piece of wood and molding it to a guitar shape... My bad, that would probably be possible then, it would be interesting to see it done.

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no. would it really be easy to sculpt out the entire inside of the guitar?

He said an extremely skilled sculptor, and trust me, professional sculptors do much more difficult things than sculpt out the inside of a guitar.
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Possible, yes. Would it sound good? That depends on if said sculpter were to sculpt the bracing into the inside. I think it would be nearly impossible to do though due to the fact that it would be very very difficult to sculpt inside the guitar on the end. So honestly, the most probable reason it hasn't been done is because it can't be done.
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It probably is possible. But VERY hard.
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Possible, yes. Worth doing? hell no. That would be one incredibly hard thing to do. I doubt that anyone could do it well either. Not to mention that it probably wouldn't sound good.

Also, acoustic guitars are made of different kinds of wood because certain parts need more reinforcing than others. For example, the bridge and bridge plate need to be made of wood that is harder than the top.

Inserting any sort of truss rod would also be quite a hassle.
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idk it would be interesting to find out how one would sound... try googling its prolly been done, but that would take forever to do