I'm playing an acoustic set for my school's Battle of the Bands, and I am confident with my material that I will lose to some kid with their metal band, so I need some advice on an opening cover that will hook people. I normally play things ranging from classic rock to Elliott Smith to Opeth when I do unplugged shows, so any suggestion will be considered

thanks all
definitely play benighted by opeth
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honestly, if it's high school do
"Hey There Dalilah(or however you spell it)" by the Plain White T's. although I'm in a hardcore band, I know doing somthing poppy will over take them if your audience is anything like the teenagers that are in my area.
not big enough of a PWT fan personally, and I want something that will excite people a bit, make up for my lack of a rhythm section
in a school contest you only need to do something more popular than any other group however do it REALLY WELL! If you can nail "Wish You Were Here" Pink Floyd at a school competition, you will TOAST anyone who can play "Through the Fire and the Flames" Dragon Force, and why? "Wish You Were Here" is way more powerful and popular. Nothing against Dragonforce, in the terms of high school shows, popularity wins, I know, I've played alot of those)
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Well if popularity wins, he is going to automatically win, he's the acoustic kid. :P

Play some Opeth. Screw Wish You Were Here, play Time instead.
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dude do a wish you were here into wonderwall
everyone will know wonderwall and wish you were here will amaze people. they're both in a kinda of key of g although wonderall is caped at like the 4th fret so you'll have to either sing wish you were here high or wonderwall low.
but it really shouldn't be that hard to work out. plus you get the whole roll from one song into another thing going so you'll amaze people there when theyre like "wait are those 2 songs??? Omg I KNOW that song!". You hit the pop kids and the classic rock kids.
its perfect.
Do you only play one song, or is it like 3-4 song set?
If you play more then one, I would listen to the guys above, but also play your own material. It would be hard to compete with other people if they were writing there own songs, rather then playing somebody elses.
play harvest by opeth
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Play an original, or take a song that wouldn't normally seem right acoustic and make it acoustic.

"My Name Is Jonas" would be a good one.
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