The title isn't actually permenant...I'm still open to suggestions, but it seemed to fit what inspired it.

In the cold again, I wander
Why do you let me stay?
Wouldn't have it any other way
The warm rains will come
But will they was away the snow?
Will they wash away the bitter cold?

All of us, we're running together
But you, oh you, leave me so confused


You remind me of a place called Paradise
Lead me onward, the road is stretching on
Take me farther then I've ever been before
Draw me closer, so I can feel the warmth

I've failed again I wander,
Why can't I ever get this right?
Feel relaities punishing bite
The rains still come
But now I am filled with dread
Of what may yet come of this

Alone in our numbers, we're still here together
But you, only you, leave me so intoxicated

Chorus X2

Solo (guitar)

Chorus X2

Solo 2 (Short, keyboard)
The Wheel of Time turns. What was may be again, and what is may yet pass...