You see, i wa drinkin with some new found house mates and then we went some some pub.

basically i needed a piss real band bad aparently ma mate sed take a piss in any bush ame.

so naturally the police pulled looked at me and my mate. my mate sed "r in some big shit now....."

so i fcukin legged it around some halls of residence(im at uni for the first time u see). then ma flat matte calledme afew times..

basically i escalped the police. Then went 4 a burger (niiiiice\().

i goottaaa apollage4 the state of this post i am fukin nwasted.

please 4gice me PIT i luve u guys!!!!!! THE PIT IS ****IN CLASS!!

PS: no flaming guys...... please give me props 4 outrunning the coppas 2nite - cos that is yhe conly decent thing i did 2nite!!

ps: ok thats no bid deal.

man i fukin wasted
Where's the pear when you need it...

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woah he seems pretty toasted. close this please

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please 4gice me PIT i luve u guys!!!!!! THE PIT IS ****IN CLASS!!


We 4gice you
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learn to spell first!!!!!

cut the man a break.

he is obviously totally wasted brah!