*spit-takes* Dude! This is why I hate sig guitars; they're always ****ing expensive, and people don't like them after a awhile because it was manufactured to suit someone elses playing style.
dude be original
or if you REALLY want the look get a black strat and buy all the black parts and other stuff
seriously im not a big fan of sig guitars it gets ppl to only think inside the box
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honestly, get a black MIM strat with a maple neck, some vintage voiced fender pickups, a black pickguard, and a short tremolo arm and you can have basically the same thing for under a grand. 4 grand is a rediculous price.
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they're the same guitar i think, just one's black and one(the more expensive one) is sunburst. either way its a huge rip-off, i'd just get a MIM or an MIA and put his pickups in it, save myself 3k.

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Guys, they are not sigs, they are custom shop sigs. This means that you are paying for a custom-made guitar modeled after a famous guitar made in fender's custom shop.

Fender's signature series is usually $1200-1800, with the MIM versions going for $900.

Also, if you think the gilmoure cust sig is expensive, the Gibson Jimmy Page Custom Shop Sig and the EVH Van Halen Custom Shop Sig cost a cool $25k each.
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