Hi, I have a B-52 112 Amp and I'm running it through an mxr 10 band eq, bad monkey, and a whole bunch of effects pedals.

And lately, its not getting the tone i want.

I want like a pretty rectoish tone (mesa-sounding) if thats possible, i heard its possible =\.

so what should my settings be

contour, treble, middle, bass, gain, low res, and reverb. and i think thats all

thanks (=
ehh, on my amp i have the mids at about 5...contour at about 1, then i have my eq scooped out slightly. Use one for lead and one for rhythm
would that make a rectoish tone? and what do people mean by scooped? i hear it a lot like scooped mids and stuff.
if you wanted a recto tone, you should have gotten a recto...
b-52 is not a mesa, and scooped mids just means to lower the mids, such that your eq would make a smiley face
scooped mids mean the middle frequencies are cut. simply, do not do it.

Boost bass a tad, then boost mid and treble a bit more. never overdo EQ'ing, for EQ'ing is for fixing mistakes.
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Is there such a thing as a heavy riff with out chugging on the e string?
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but i thought b-52's had a recto tone like mesas?

first hand experience my friend, it's not a mesa
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but i thought b-52's had a recto tone like mesas?

Unless it says "MESA" on the front of it then chances are you're not gonna get a Mesa tone out of it. Sorry about your luck man.
but i was just saying, that i heard someone say it that b-52's had a similar tone to mesa rectifiers. idk =\