Ok iv'e been hearing this weird harmonic noise in a lot of newer metal that i realy wanna know how to do. its a very low pitched one that doesn't really sound like a harmonic so it may not be... its best heard in the song "I Dont wanna stop" by ozzy. Zakk does it a bunch of times in the intro alone. it sounds kinda like a cartoon laser sound affect. please someone tell me what its called so i can look up a lesson on it or something...
its called a pinch harmonic.
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Low pinch harmonic? You'll have to be more specific about what notes, or better yet look it up yourself. UG doesn't just have forums, they've also got all these wonderful tabs...
Call it high gain amp high output pickups pinched harmonic done properly.
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Haha, pinch harmonic, I think he limits them to his .062 low e string tuned to D on the 3rd fret though, and usually in the pitch of ?. . . Yeah, he pretty much does the same pitch harmonic every song. . . then a little bending on it. . . You just stick your thumb behind the pick so that it hits the string right after the pick. . . there are 4 harmonics you can catch on any fret of the guitar. . . they are called pitch harmonic nodes, look em up online, that's as far in depth as I go.
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