I got an 8 string acoustic and it came missing some strings. So basically i dont know where to add the extra two strings. Would it be something like GBEADGBe or EADGBEAD? Haha, dont feel that smart asking but whatever. thanks.
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Standard tuning it would be F#BEADGBe if it's tuned like an electric 8, or you could drop the F# to an E or even a custom tuning, but I wouldn't be surprised if the 8th string was a high a, BEADGBea or such. They do sell really thin strings (.04-.06 depending on scale) for high A strings...
Who the hell makes an 8 string acoustic? I know meshuggah play on Ibanez 8 strings. . . At least I think they are ibanez. . . and I know Conklin makes 8 and even 9 string guitars. . . but who makes an 8 string acoustic. . . I feel so left out. . . . .
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I say go Devin Townsend on it and put it in Open C Major. CGCGCGCE. Just because look how awesome that tuning is.