I found this riff in "Selkies: The Endless Obsession" by Between the Buried and Me...and i need some help with it (hence the title)


yeah, the spacing got messed up when i copied it, but whatever. any tips? like what finger would you hit what notes with? any help would be much appreciated
Break it into three note patterns and practice slowly(this way you'll be able to easily hear where you flub at), then slowly put them together, then increase the speed. If you are playing it wrong you are playing too fast. . . use a metronome though. Sweeps are no easy feat. . . and you never need to try starting them out very fast, it'll just make you worse, so try to do them at a moderate but slower speed. And make sure all the notes come out clearly.
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1=Pointed finger
3=Ring Finger

That's like, reading the tab from left to right.
And yeah, that's what I'd do, but then again I'm not sure how fast it's meant to be.
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it doesnt really matter how fast the thing is, this fingering is potencielly the fastest
and to TS if you cant figure out the fingering to this on your own you probably pretty far away from getting this up to speed