whats the best method to dropping the tuning? (w/ the tem system)

i jus busted a string trying to do this...

help any1??

slow and steady? do you have a locking nut?
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Is there such a thing as a heavy riff with out chugging on the e string?
yeah...do you have a floating bridge? like, can your wammy bar bend forwards and backwards a long ways? if so, going into dropped tunings can be a real pain.

But in theory all you have to do is drop your big E-string down to a D. If you're going into drop D that is.
If you're going into drop C, tune EVERY one of your strings down a whole step. In other words from big to small it'll read: D G C F A D, then tune your big D string down to a C.
i do have a floating bridge.
it seems like when i dropped the lower strings the higher ones got tighter which lead to the bust.

im kinda new to the whole trem thing.. as you can see.
ohhh boy. Ok, yeah I played a Jem for a while and going into a different tuning is seriously the biggest pain in the @$$ you could ever face. but yea, you've just gotta make sure that the tension doesn't get too high on your thinner strings. otherwise, especially if you have a thin gauge, they could snap.
so whats the best method to tuning down that low or even a whole step down??

and after that will i need to re adjust the bridge and itonation and all that??
mmmk, so you're going into drop Db, as we call it.

alright, so if you're starting in standard tuning, that is, E A D G B E, simply drop every single string down a half step. in other words, you need to take every single string and drop it down to the next interval on your tuner. THEN, take your thickest string and drop it down a whole step, from D# to C#
well...you've just gotta re-tune a LOT, haha...but yeah, if you don't re-adjust the spring tension then your action's gonna be kinda funky, a lot lower than you probably want it.
yea thats right. i forgot what it was called.

but anyways, so basically jus go a little at a time until the desired tuning??

and waht about itonation and all that crap