Ive got a Dean ML with a Licensed Floyd Rose bridge. I've decided I prefer being able to change the tunings to having a tremelo, so for the moment I have the bridge blocked in both directions.

However, I am curious to know if there is some bridge I can install as a replacement that will act as a fixed bridge without having to do a lot of routing or drilling holes? I saw that there is a Speedloader fixed bridge, but I don't know if that would work.

If what I am asking is not feasible, then I need some ideas to help keep it in tune better, though I think part of it might be suuuuuuuuper old strings.
It looks like I'd still be bound to a single tuning, but that IS a pretty sweet option that doesn't involve cramming blocks of wood into the tremelo cavity, which is pretty awesome.
No, not bound to a single tuning. You just have to re-intonate your guitar every time you change tunings, though.. and that goes for any type of bridge in any configuration. Otherwise you're just playing out of tune all the time.

The Tremo-no would solve your stability issues, for sure. Blocking it off should do the same, unless you're doing a terrible job of blocking it.

Anything that prevents 100% of bridge movement will make it act like a hard tail.

Installing a hard tail bridge will not be an easy task. You need to permanently fill the cavity with wooden blocks and make it look nice in the process.
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