I work at a race track and my friend was going off to college which means he dosn't have to do the stand clean up day which is a pain in the ass. So as a going away gift/payback we saran wrapped his car.

you guys ever do stuff like this?
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cant say that i do
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graphs. graphs always work. my old work place had an awesome printer, so i was constantly making graphs.

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i have to say, you win
...but if you ever so much as glance at my car and theres saran wrap within 10 yards, you better run...
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Bravo good sir

I live in a small town. This happens all the time...and no matter how many times I see it it is STILL HILARIOUS!
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I've seen it before, but never done it. It has to suck if it was a hot day outside.
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Theirs a camera tower within 20 yards from the car and the guy was filming us do it Im hoping to get the recording from him. So i can show you guys.
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I thought it was gonna be like.. a blowjob.
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Been there and done that several times. Ive worked in restraunts all my life. If the car has the kind of door handles you lift up I use to love to fill them up with mashed potatoes.
Clear packing tape over the doorjams is another good one, it cant be seen at night and is pretty darn strong.
Lastly, if you stretch saran wrap over a toilet bowl tightly it can barely be seen and when said victim goes to pee .....what a mess!!
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