can it turn them into a completely different person over 2 years time,and will people notice?How serious is it?Serious answers only please.
Yeah, pretty much like someone who gets into heavy drug/alcool using
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Yes. probably. very.
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Yeah, depending on which drugs, they can speed up the aging process and slur their speech (Ozzy, Tommy Chong, etc.)
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yes it can change someone but it can be for the better though.
my aunt cindy passed out in a target(after it closed) last weekend because of pills and she has never been herself when she started pills a few years ago.
Let a guy run wild with Meth and you wont know him in three months time .
yeah, It honestly all depends, I know some people who are all really ruined and they have gone nowhere in 4 years. I had issues but I dont think I changed too much. Also it depends on the person. I know others who are fine though and it really doesnt mess them up too badly.
by em a beer and go talk about it. if that don't work, do not try an intervention thats only good for pissing somebody off.

and you don't want nobody on pcp pissed off at you.
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you again

damn i could've done a much better response for ntchode 'Owner of UGs hugest penis'
The majority of the time they change for the worst, however that is not always the case. Some people who don't have an addictive personality have more a far more positive outcome than those who do, but that's not fact. It varies from person to person. Without a doubt, it WILL change you in some way, shape or form.
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