Hey guys,
This is a song I wrote a while ago about a guy I used to know.
I kinda imagine it as a fast paced punk/hardcore song.
Sorry bout all the swearing haha, I know it's excessive but I think it shows the anger in the lyrics.

The Ulfric (“Leader of the wolf gang.&rdquo

Hey why don’t you get the **** out of my way?
I don’t tell you what to do so don’t tell me ok?
It’s kinda hypocritical if you use your brain and think
You’re apparently anti-authority... is your head that ****ing thick?
If your life motto’s ‘**** the consequences’ then why do you complain
That when something ****s up you always get the blame
NEWSFLASH Mr. Dumb****, you’re reputations cos of you
‘All of what people say about me is probably true’
There you go, you said it, does it make any sense now?
Would you like me to elaborate or do you wanna pick a vowel
You’re a dropout you’re a ****up and you’re going nowhere
And when I see you in a gutter I’m not gonna care

So what if I don’t wanna be like you?
And all the other ****up’s in your make believe crew
I’m not gonna let you take me down your path
So I’m saying goodbye
And go ****ing die

Come out of your shadow
There’s no need to hide
To take a bullet for a friends not that special
If you’re dead inside
Give your ego a break
Tighten the screws on your head
Because right now you’re nothing
****ing better than dead