ok so i'm upgrading my amp, but i'm not quite sure which amp i should go with.

first i don't know if i should get an all clean amp and use pedals or get an amp that breaks up more.

my price range is pretty much anywhere below $2000, but around 1500-1600 or less would be preferable.

and i'm pretty sure i want to go with a combo

the amps i'm thinking about right now are
a fender (a twin reverb possibly)
an orange rockerverb 50
a vox ac30 (heard the new ones aren't very good?)
a dr z mazzaratti or a dr z carmen ghia or a dr z stang ray

any other suggestions or comments on these amps or other amps?

i play mostly indie/experimental/progressive/alternative/rock
i use overdrive but it's usually nothing too heavy, but a good overdrive is important (i can use pedals for this though)
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What type of music are you gonna be using this amp for? We really can't recommend you anything until we know what you want it to do.

Also, does the amp have to be new or are you willing to go used? If you will consider used then where are you currently on the globe?
Personally, I'd go with the AC30.

Maybe the HH version.
Dammit, forgot the combo stipulation.

The Heritage Handwired AC30 is a head and a 2x12 cabinet with the Alnico Blue speakers.

EDIT: Other amps to look at are the Blackstar Artisan 30 and the Valvetech Hayseed.
cool i checked those two out they look pretty good

should i get an all clean amp or get one with drive?
For most applications, I think a low/medium wattage tube amp is ideal, personally.

For teh br00tz, I don't know, as I don't play the Modern type, but for indie, that smoothe, creamy tube overdrive is great.
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