Steak n Cheese
Cajun chicken

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steak and cheese
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pastrami on rye or lamb gyro
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peanut butter and banana and honey and m'nm
turkey and and cheese and mustard and sprouts
cream cheese and cucumber
chicken and melted pepperjack cheese
grilled cheese. especially if you use more than one kind of cheese.
I love sandwiches. With a passion <3
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i am a big fan of the italian bmt from subway

pepperjack cheese
spicy mustard
vinnegar and oil
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Pizza sandwich

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I like a good Italian sub. Toasted preferably.
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Subway: Steak and cheese, Italian herbs & spices (i think that's what it's called), Southwest sauce, Shredded cheese, Lettuce, Onions.

Orgasm in yo mouth.
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A sandwich with chicken, roast beef, and bacon...swiss cheese and lettuce
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I love ham, I'm gay!!!

Buy fresh sliced deli ham and stop being a bitch. Also, never microwave ham ever, it's in strict violation of ham law.
**** man. Picking a favorite sandwich is like picking a favorite child.

-PB+J is a delicious classic.
-I'm also a fan of cold cuts. Specifically turkey, with lettuce, tomato, onion, swiss cheese, and a bit of mayo.
-There's a lot to be said for a good grilled tuna sandwich.
-Philly cheesesteak. To die for.
-Buffalo chicken finger subs. Heaven.

I strongly believe when two slices of break come together, they form a subtle yet powerful field of energy that enhances the taste of anything stuck between them. This effect can be magnified by taking the contents of a sandwich and sticking it in a flour tortilla rather than between two slices of bread. I think it has something to do with the 360 coverage amplifying the power of the deliciousness fields, but more research needs to be done to verify this.
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Italian BMT, toasted on Italian herb and cheese bread.

Pepperjack cheese/
Parmesan cheese/
Vinegar & Oil/
Grilled Ham n' cheese. Oh, and TUNA SALAD! I love me a good tuna salad.
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screw all that fancy italian BMT crap, whats wrong with a humble butter sandwich?
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Ciabatta with warm Pastrami and Wasabi dressing
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I love sandwiches, I don't really have a firm favourite, but I like anything with chicken or anything with Ham and salami.
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Just take me to M&S and pretty much anything in the sandwich area will do.
The M&S Hoisin Duck wrap is amazing.
Ham and Coleslaw, or Chicken Mayo with Stuffing.

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The M&S Hoisin Duck wrap is amazing.

Hell-eeyeah! Best pre-packed sandwiches/wraps/rolls you can get.