Don't mind the conceited title -- it's to grab attention.

I have posted an MP3 on my profile, but then I thought, "how about we go sellout? Marketing? Yanno?" Haha. I will give another link to my Garageband music profile: HERE

ANYWAY, I'm posting this is because I need some feedback- how to make better, clean sound, syncopation, variations in playing etc. etc. I need to augment the quality of my playing cos I feel rather shitty about my guitar state right now (I've been hooked on Guitar Hero III for a while and sorta let go on guitar- INCONCEIVABLE). Just a notice though: the sound may be a lil' crappy cos I was sort of in a rush and threw in a bunch of generic fills and basslines in a pathetic combo, and there's this weird sound in there but I'm not sure if it's my cable or if it's one of the random things I stuck in.

So, as I've implied, I'm having a hard time varying riffs, impro rhythms, so if you can help me with that, I'd be very grateful. Perhaps I should've made a thread about this and not about one of my specific plays and recording issues.

Anywho, thanks in advance.
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PS- seriously, anyone would like to do some music collaboration with me just to rip the flesh out of Herman Li though? I would join without second thoughts.
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yo for real. stop playin gh3 and focus on guitar for a start, haha. you know what you're doing but you sound rusty.

as far as rhythms and improv go.. well try to make complicated chord progressions. take riffs you know and change them... slowly morph them. what i do is take a riff, then i think what could be better about it, or ill just try different things. try to make a good riff better and soon enough you'll have a wicked progression.
NO! I stick with Guitar Hero. I'm still on Medium mode it's depressing. I couldn't even play my favorite song on there which is Pride and Joy. Complete bullshit.

Anywho, could you define "rusty"?

I will try do that. Thanks. I give you e-cookies.
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Quote by Powerhouse
Fumbling Towards Ecstacy? I didn't know you could shred a Sarah Mclachlan song.

I didn't even know who McLachlan was until I looked it up.
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Oh well. The shredding was pretty cool. And I'll forgive you just because your guitar collection is pretty sweet.
Goddamn Libras. I'll forgive you because of your insightful comment.
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Alright maybe rusty wasn't the best word, I just think the tone and your rhythm could be recorded better. Just by the licks you play I can tell what you're capable of, but this clip doesn't really show off your potential if you will. I think you recorded it in one take, which is impressive, but a couple of times there are small timing issues. This is to be expected when playing fast, and maybe I'm being too harsh, but I think you could do better than this. Your choice of notes on lead is spot on.
Well, okay, thanks. I don't really think it's harsh, rather, I appreciate your comments actually.
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Hey there, I thought that it wasn't too bad. (Might be me, but to me it felt Blues inspired). The recording wasn't the best, but it was not too bad.
What were the drums made with, they were quite clear?

? Crit Mine ?
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I used the application "GarageBand". It's excellent for just about everything. Diverse musical selectin of loops and riffs and whatnot.

And yes, I think it was only you, for most parts. You make it sound like a bad thing, haha.

I'm looking into your music, but so far, the player is nuking my browser.
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no no no ... lol ... I didn't mean that playing the BLues is a Bad thing, lol!
SCHECTER "Diamond Series" REVENGER Guitar
ZOOM HD16CD Digital Mulit-Track Recorder
1 SHURE SM-57,1 Audio-Technica AT2035, 1 APEX 435 Mic. & 2 APEX 180 Condencer Mics
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Oh my, I almost was going to swing a bag of bricks over your head! Haha.
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Quote by supralightning
if you still need some rhythmic inspiration.. this is the best i could come up with during two days off:


hope you find somethin in there that you like, or anything to give you an idea of how to vary it up a bit

Ah, thanks for that. You have some excellent music on there.
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Quote by Freepower
In order of importance - Phrasing, vibrato, cleaner picking.

These are what you need to work on, links below.

Thanks. Yeah, I will look at those later. Granted.
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You have what jazz musicians call the "nervous vibrato," which is understandable if this was improvisation like you say.

Your picking could be a little tighter, but doesn't leave much to complain about.

To your recording techniques...

Get your guitar as far away from the microphone as possible (with amp mic'd obviously). That will eliminate the picking overtones you are getting. This could be contributing to the way your picking sounds sloppy, because your playing seems to say otherwise.

Any questions, feel free to ask.