I have for sale:

An original grey nintendo DS, in perfect working order. Very light scuffing on the front. Comes in the original box with charger stylus, mario 64 DS and a couple GBA games (will have details tomorrow)

Looking for about $85 shipped

A 20 gig 4th gen photo iPod. Is in decent aesthetic condition, has standard scratching on back as well as on the screen, works great. Needs to be connected to a wall charger as it was updated and thats how the older gen ipods finish updating. Comes full with the songs that were on it (about 18 gigs if I remember correctly, spanning most classic/oldies genres and touching on some new stuff)

$60 shipped

A 20 gig 4th gen non-photo iPod. Same as above basically, minus the color screen. Very similar in condition, works great. Will work immediately, no need for the wall charger thing (unless you want to update it). Comes with whatever songs were on it, not sure about the quantity but the songs are definitely newer (think 15 year old guy).

$45 shipped

A 10 gig 3rd gen iPod. This is the one with the touch buttons. Similar condition as other iPods, works great. Also comes with whatever songs were on it.

$25 + shipping

A gold 4gig Ipod mini. Not working, I believe it's just a battery issue, could easily be replaced. Can't guarantee anything however, very slight dent at the top of the casing and a couple surface scratches.

$10 + shipping

Oakley WHY 8.1 Sunglasses. Used MAYBE two or three times, in mint condition. I just simply can't justify having these when I don't wear sunglasses at all really. So I offer them to you heavily discounted (I don't think the 8.1 is even available anymore). They have black non-polarized lenses (I'll get the actual term for the color finish tomorrow). They come with the cloth cleaning bag.

$130 shipped

I should have pictures up by tomorrow, as well as some other crap (video games and miscellaneous stuff).

I'll take paypal but I would prefer electronic transfer to avoid the evil that is paypal. I do however understand that security is a concern and will be more than willing to deal via paypal if you wish.
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I think the DS and iPods are rather pricey.

Suggestions? Its not as if they are set in stone either. Thats just what I gathered from a quick trolling of ebay.