ok well my yearly exam is comming up, now pretty much like every other exam has to be intresting good dynamics etc.

but, it needs to be at a range for 5-12 year olds as i will be preforming it infront of them (School showcase thing) so it needs to be a well known song.

any help is thanked. i hope this is the right forum for this also.
why dont you play what he suggested, but throw in a nice solo or something to redeem yourself slightly?
i think you'll find that most little kids won't mind what you play, just so long as you're play it well and put on a show.

also, is it a solo performance, or are you allowed to have a band in the background? because that would affect your song choice. i mean, no point playing afterlife by A7X, for example, if its just you.
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can be either, but metal is out of the question as its for 5-12 year olds im thinking mabye cliffs of dover or mabye jordan by buckethead but probs more cliffs
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