Over the past few years, I have noticed that many of our fellow UGers bring their medical issues to this forum in need help and treatment, only to be met with a harsh reality: The Pit is not a doctor. Unfortunately, we the Pit are unqualified to treat illnesses and ailments as we do not have the proper training. Time and time again, we are forced to refer these poor sick people to "real doctors," even though a trip to a hospital is far too pricey for many people on the Internet to afford.

Well, after reading a thread about a poor man with a hole in his ear, and after realizing that there was nothing anybody could do for him, I knew something had to be done. It is time for the Pit to become a doctor.

As we all know, becoming an M.D. requires years of hard work and thousands of dollars. However, if we all do a bit of the work as far as schooling is involved, I think that with our userbase of 100,000+ active users, we could collectively finish the work in a month or so easily! And as for the education expenses, if every active user donates 1 dollar, we would make more than enough money to pay for both Pre-Med and Medical school!

The time of the Pit being medical experts is approaching! Although we may not be doctors individually, collectively, we can someday solve all issues ranging from human-dog pregnancies (Dinkydaisy) to holes in ears to the treatments of STDs and other various penis infections!

tl;dr: You guys wanna turn the Pit into a doctor?

The first issue at hand: Where shall we attend Pre-Med and Med school? And, collectively, do we have the proper classes needed to get into Pre-Med?

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Quote by Castlebravo
So we would each attend like four or five classes? I'd be up for that.

Yep, and if we all put in a little bit of work, we should get a doctorate pretty quickly.

Call me Patrick! My username sucks anyway
Cool. Now I can give free physicals without getting restraining orders/sexual harassment suits.