Hey guys, I have the oppurtunity to buy a Crate 4x12 Half-stack with Celestion V30s for around $200. Now, I know that Mesa Cabinets contain a 4x12 with Celestion V30s also. Would there be any difference between the Crate cabinet with Celestions and say a Mesa Cab with Celestions?

Also, Considering the fact that new Celestion V30s go for $120 new at MF. Would it be a good deal to buy the cab just for the celestions and use them as an upgrade for 212 Tube Combo?

Thanks in advance.
It sounds like a decent deal.

Try before you buy. And hope that it's not made of MDF.
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It sounds like a decent deal.

Try before you buy. And hope that it's not made of MDF.

Thanks for the quick response.

Yea i thought it was a good deal myself, but I wanted to consult with experts. I am planning on trying it. I know its in good condition because the seller says teh cabs been sitting in a studio for quite sometime.

I am a noob though, what is MDF?

Also, would this be comparable to a Mesa 4x12 Cab?
Medium Density Fiberboard.

Also, do you have a link to the cab, or at least a model name?
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Medium Density Fiberboard.

Also, do you have a link to the cab, or at least a model name?

no link to the cab, but the guy sent me a pic.
Crate 4X12 cab3.jpg
Do you have a model name?

If it's a Flexwave cab, then no. The Blue Voodoo cab isn't super bad, and since it has V30's it would be decent.

EDIT: Although it might be worth it for the speakers.
i don't have the model name, but I did email the guy asking him if he knew. So we'll see. I'm sure the guy isn't selling a Blue Voodoo Cab. Would it be worth it to buy this cab and use it as an output for my 212 Valveking? Or should I just get it, and replace the speakers in my 212 VK with the Celestions.

I was hoping it would be decent enough for small gigs. I figured worst come to worst, It could upgrade my old SS Crate Head that my friend might borrow for the gigs as well.

Anyways I'm still wondering. Would this cab be comparable to a Mesa cab with Celestion V30s.. (the one that retails for $800). I doubt it would be the same, but If its comparable, I'm thinking of picking this up.
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Buy it just for the speakers and then sell them for $360 for all of them.

you think used celestions go for $90 each?

I've seen em on ebay for $75ish, but It doesn't seem like there is much of a market for them.
To answer the Mesa question, no it will not sound as good IMO. Mesa 4x12's are oversized, which gives a distinct feel. Tried multiple cabs with V30's and none of them sounded as good as the Mesa I bought. But then again it was $950, so I guess you get what you pay for.

For that price though I'd say go for it. It will probably sound better than more expensive cabs with different speakers. Maybe not as good as a Mesa or Marshall, but for 200 bucks thats a good deal.
thanks Zhunt1130, I think that was the answer I was looking for. I think i'll pick it up, and at the very least use the speakers to upgrade my VK 212.
Arite, just found out its a crate GX-412R, I'm pretty sure it's a crappy cab.

Anyways, does this change anything, or should I still go for it?
If you want the sound of the Vintage 30 go for it. Like said, 2 new one's are going to cost you $250.

is this an eBay deal or craigslist deal or local deal? Did you say you can go see/play? If not, at least ask for some decent pics of the speakers. You said they have been in a studio for awhile. How long is that?

just do it
4 Celestion V30's for 200? I'd buy it without the cab! I wouldn't pass this up if I were you.
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Thx for the replies. I think I'm definitely going to do it. This is a craigslist advertisement as the guy is clearing out the studio and has to get rid of this. He says its from 04-05. So it shuoldn't be too old.

I'm just not sure how to tell if the speakers are in good condition. Is there anything I should look for when I go to check it out that could be a red flag?
Torn/worn cones is all I can think of off the top of my head. Make sure they say Celestion Vintage 30 on the back, too