hey there everyone.

i'm in a Alternative/Emo/Hardcore kinda band (also reffered to as Post-Hardcore). And just before you might pay us out, no we don't have black hair, we don't hate life we don't die. We are a christian band.

we want to write lyrics that mean something to us, and we want riffs that sorta sound like a mixture of Saosin, Anberlin and Underoath. SO if we could have some ideas, techniques and help on music and lyrics, please repost to this thread. Thanks
well, if you want to write about something that means to you, try not asking for advice from others about whats important to them...
We're the Hate Crew, we'll stand and we wont fall
We're all for none and none for all
F*** you we'll fight till the last hit
And we sure as hell, ain't takin no s***
okay. let me re-phrase.

we want to know how to write music, i guess we can manage on lyrics, but im asking about phrasing, melodies and of course the actual riffs and drumming. thats what i would like to learn about.
you'll probably get better answers in Musician Talk

S&L is focused on writing lyrics or marrying lyrics to with existing music.
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