Ok here we got an ESP LTD Dan Jacob Signature Guitar from the band atreyu.
Had it since mid june and put new DR Strings and already in Drop C Tuning.
No dents, maybe some very VERY light scratches from picking but not noticeable.

* Set-thru construction
* 24.75" scale
* Mahogany body
* 3-piece maple neck
* Rosewood fingerboard
* Bat inlays
* EMG 81 bridge, EMG 85 neck pickups
* Volume control, 3-way toggle & EMG afterburner
* Black nickel hardware
* Sperzel locking tuners
* Original Floyd Rose bridge
* 22 extra jumbo frets
* White with dripping blood graphic

if any questions email me damianrios89@hotmail.com im in CA area closer to LA but really palm springs ;]
it usually takes quite some time to make deals on here. i've only sold stuff valued under $100 and it took months, so dont be disappointed if nobody bites right away (especially at $850) its a fantastic price but the odds of finding someone wanting that guitar who actually has enough for it is pretty slim as most people on here are broke teenagers (myself being one ). good luck with your sale though and free bump
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the only deal ive made so far took like 4 months and ive had a fender bass on here for a while now and have sold it yet...

good luck selling it, awesome guitar
Jackson Dinky DKMGT
PRS SE Paul Allender
Peavey 6505+ 112
thanks guys for the support means alot well this guitar is still up for grabs and yes have had offers but not official yet so first come first served ;]
if i had the money or gear for sale the was of that value, id do it so fast, but i dont

like i said ealier, good luck selling
Jackson Dinky DKMGT
PRS SE Paul Allender
Peavey 6505+ 112
You might also want to try Harmony Central. I've had stuff just sit on here for weeks, then get snapped up within a week over there. Sometimes within a few hours depending on if its a hot item or good deal.
in goofys voice- oh garsh darn it sorry for me being such a noob i guess one too many huh folks?

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well im sorry for not knowing the rules of making TWO posts hmmm well its $700 now

and really unless its one of them administrators a warning would be nicer

otherwise u got to much time on your hands buddy