It's a good guitar for metal and heavy rock. The tuners are kinda meh (common thing in that price range), and the pickups aren't that great either. But for a beginner's guitar it is pretty good.

Say, what guitar have you been playing so far? If you already have a beginner's axe, there's not much point buying another one.
ive got an Aria STG and an ashton acoustic, but this guitar kicks my aria, serioulsy lol, i just like the guitar i guess, its got a great feel and it suits me, but it is a whole let better then my aria now.
i've tried that guitar and didn't like the feel. i suggest you try another guitar in that price range. but still, it's your choice. it's a good starter guitar, but since you already have a guitar right now, why buy a starter guitar? invest in something better.
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