Does anyone here like Mineral? The Power of Failing is one of my favorite records right now. They have perfect contrasts in loud/soft song structures extremely melodic bass and guitar lines. Great stuff.

Also, check out The Gloria Record. (Chris Simpson's project after Mineral)
Yeah dude, i just found out about mineral a month ago. The power of failing is great.
classic band.
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Any good links to get a sound for these guys?

I check out youtube but the one song was pretty quiet and all the others live.
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mineral, jejune, penfold, and clarity era j.e.w. have influenced my playing style way too much for my own good. It's funny though because now my playing style is considered "original"

power of failing, start here, and becoming all things are some of my favorite records.
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This band is really, really good.
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yes. mineral. good. people always talk about endserenading which is madness because the power of failing is wayyyy better. they're way better than sdre too, just for the record. gloria record kinda sucks though.
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