I've decided that I want go to go a full blown tube combo. I was thinking maybe a JCM DSL 401 or something of the like. I have the opportunity to sell the Vox ad50vt I have now but that leaves me with a 15 watt randall and I'll need to save until Christmas.

What I thought about doing was buying a Line 6 Toneport GX as a mate gave me a copy of guitar rig 3. I'm not sure whether I should keep my AD50vt or buy a toneport (which I planned to buy anyway for recording) and use that until christmas time when I can afford a marshall.

I don't need my amp for gigs so I'm thinking maybe I should just use my computer.
I have some dell speakers hooked up to my computer...(not sure whether they'll decapitate the sound).

Anyway should I sell now or wait til Christmas?

P.S. Will the toneport allow me to play lag free even though I have a shit soundcard?
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You don't have to worry about lag with the toneport. I have one, and it doesn't have any lag. My only complaint with it is that it makes my guitar sound really sterile.
Sell the Vox, buy a M-Audio instead of a Toneport since it will be cheaper and it does the same thing and save for a DSL401
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