do we actually have any on UG?
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I eat dick at it, but I have heaps of respect for blokes who actually can surf. Generally, beach bums are cool guys

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I used to, but I live a long way from the sea which makes it problematic. I once bought a board because the guy said it would surf wet grass, he lied.
Surfing was awesome...

Body boarding too...

Then I left high school and lost contact with the blokes who I used to surf with...so yeah seeings as I live about 1.5 hours away from a beach and didn't have a car at the time that hobby died quite quickly.

That said when my band went to Sydney I gave it a bash at Bondi...needless to say I'm very rusty.
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i surf a little, but i prefer surf kayaking
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I used to, then for the last few years I haven't nearly as much.. Being inland kind of limits you.

The only time I could surf was during the holidays when my brother and I went back over to WA, and then I went less and less. Haven't been for a proper surf in yonks now.

Funny this should come up actually, was only talking about it yesterday for the first time in ages..

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I surf teh interblag.

I can haz lulz naow?
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I wouldn't actually call myself a surfer but I do have a board and I get out to the WA coast like once a year or so. Pretty sweet sport, I wish I could do it more often but I have my sights set on snowboarding.
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yeah I started surfing a while back, it's a pretty fun sport.
had some rough days where I decided to beat stormy/rainy/foggy weather and go out anyway anded up eating a current face first
apart from the scary times, it's all good.
I've been a few times, I absolutely love it!

I wanna move somewhere that I can surf more often, and I'm gonna be going every summer from this past year onwards!
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I surf whenever I go to North Carolina. I tried to surf the one week I was there but Hanna came in and the waves were uber choppy.
I used to bodyboard heaps, then stopped due to a 6 month period where every time there was a good surf I was sick, with months at a time without anything good then putting on weight.
At the end of October though i'll probably start up again, what with school finishing for me and going to Bali at the end of November.
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ya man i like totally surf. i love when you catch the perfect wave, its like making love to mother ocean dude. me and my bros surf at mavericks all night and all day dude. im actually considered the big kahuna down there bra. you should come down sometime dude and we can make love to mother ovean together yknow bra? itll be totally gnarly man.
i surf, its amazing, depending on what beach i got to.
but anyways i dont think there are too many here on UG.
we should start a group though.

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What brand of shortboard should i get?

Just go with a big name brand.
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Thanks for the advice. I'm going to put it, along with your other advice, into a book, the pages of which I will then use to wipe my ass.