Alrighty guys,

I have a BC Rich bronze series Warlock that I use a fair bit for a back up at gigs, and for practise etc..

Now, my question is: Should I spend some money on it and keep it, or just sell it? My plan was to:

- Swap out the bridge pick up for a Bill Lawrence 500XL
- Get some decent tuners on the sucker
- Replace the bridge with a tune-o-matic and stop bar setup.

Let me know what you guys think.
Sounds like a plan, but if it were me, I wouldn't put any money into that guitar.
If you sell it, you probably wont get all that much for it.

If you decide to do the upgrades, what kind of Bill Lawrence L500XL are you planning on putting in? And what kind of tuners were you considering?
Hell I would do it, I have a bronze warlock I use as a backup as well. I don't think its bad at all for the 100 bucks i spent on it. Only things that really matter about a guitar is how comfortably you play it, the looks, and how it sounds. If you're comfortable playing on it and like the looks, go ahead and improve the sound! Of course I'm assuming you're already satisfied with your main guitar.
Yeah, I wouldnt get much if I sold it, hence the fixing it idea. I was thinking about either grovers, or locking gotahs.

Quote by Hezix
Of course I'm assuming you're already satisfied with your main guitar.

Indeed I am, it reminds me of sex to be honest.
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