I was just wondering what UG thinks the most irratating things to do on guitars/basses are.

I think that either re-wiring a pot system or changing the strings on an electric with a whammy non-floating bridge.
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Being overcharged for tiny little repairs I could do myself, if I had the tools.
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is a bidet a type of crisp?
I hate it when I pick up my guitar, and it doesn't automatically start playing dragonforce.
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Green, because a vest has no sleeves.

Can't we all just get a bong?
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Being overcharged for tiny little repairs I could do myself, if I had the tools.

Either buy the tools or pay the man. Don't whine.
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endless playing of intro riff of Smoke on the Water

what he said
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Either buy the tools or pay the man. Don't whine.

I'm sorry, I'll be less of a baby next time sir.
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is a bidet a type of crisp?
When people talk about them.

It really grinds my gears.
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You disgust me.

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bro u are definately gay

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A backstabbin' bitch who calls himself the 'oracle'?

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UG loves me so much. Do you?

I hate how expensive bass strings are : /
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Bad spelling.

And endless tapping
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I have become..... METACARPI!!!!

I wish

changing two pickups in one go, what with the string removal and the shoving the wires through the wood routing and the de-insulating the wires and the wiring diagrams that don't sync up with your pickup switching system. Don't even get me started.
Kids who say that they're soooo freaking awesome at guitar, then when you hear them play they do a bunch of blink 182 power chord riff's.

Makes me wanna beat them over the head with they're guitars.

Also, kids who say that Tom Delonge is the best guitarist in the world.
Common sense is becoming such and uncommon trait.
People who play anything by avril lavigne
and green day
and then declare themselves as punk
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to be honest now i think about it, i don't really know why i have one since i de-tune a lot and i rarely do divebombs anyway
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People who can't spell irritating.
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